Alfonso XIII – The semi-official "República" overprints

Semi-official overprinted issues were prepared in Madrid, Barcelona, Almeria, Tolosa and Valencia and were for some time tolerated for franking purpose. First row: Madrid issue. Second and third row: Barcelona issues.

Engraver: Enrique Vaquer | Recess printing of the F.N.M.T. with private typographic surcharge "República" in red and black | Sheets of 200 (all values except the 40 cts, type II) and 100 (40 cts, type II and some of the 2 and 25 cts) | Perforation: 11,25 (comb) | First issued: April/May 1931 (no official dates available) | Valid until: 11.01.1935 (?)| Control numbers on the reverse (except the 2 cts)